Equip yourself with the Sellstrom Ultra Flex III knee pads and experience top-tier protection and comfort for all your professional needs.

Pro Protection 


Sellstrom's Ultra Flex III knee pads feature a super hard outer plastic shell, designed for durability and strength. Ideal for professionals who frequently kneel, crawl, or squat.

Superior Soft Padding 


Equipped with a triple-layer, 3/4" thick closed cell foam pad, these knee pads provide the ultimate protective layer along with exceptional comfort.

Pressure-Free Design 


The knee pads come with soft elastic woven straps, positioned well above and below the knee. These straps include a speed clip for quick attachment, ensuring no pressure and a secure fit.

Adjustable and Unisex Fit


The adjustable design is suitable for both adult men and women, making it a versatile choice for any user.

Flexible Movement 


Constructed with a metal rivet hinge, the knee pads offer ease of movement when walking or kneeling. This feature ensures flexibility and reduces strain during prolonged use.

Non-Marking Grip Strip 


The non-marking grip strip allows safe use on any floor or surface, ensuring the knee pads do not leave marks or cause damage.

Versatile Professional Use 


Sellstrom's heavy-duty knee pads are essential for various professional applications, including military/tactical operations, flooring, tiling, roofing, landscaping, and HVAC work.

Portable Mesh Carry Bag 


Each pair of knee pads comes with a convenient mesh carry bag, enhancing portability and storage.

Trusted by Professionals 


Renowned for their durability, comfort, and protection, Sellstrom Ultra Flex III knee pads are trusted by professionals across multiple industries, ensuring reliable performance in demanding work environments. 

Get The Support You Need With Our Trusted Knee Pad Recommendations

Get The Support You Need With Our Trusted Knee Pad Recommendations

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